I started playing HOTD in March 2014, when I found myself off sick from work with morning sickness. The game was merely a distraction to take my mind off the constant hangover like feelings I was experiencing.

As I grew my city and my Great Dragon, it was just a process of clicking buttons. Now 8 weeks later, I’m thoroughly engrossed in the game, my tablet constantly in my hand, so I can see if the alliance needs rss, if I’m being attacked or if I need to build or research something, if I have the rss to do so and if not, send out marches to Anthropus Camps.

When the Water Dragon Egg was released in my realm for 255 Rubies (approx £14.86 or $25) I decided I wanted it. I bought the egg, lovingly hatched it on its own little island, the Water Dragon's Keep and began to watch it grow. It was as if I was starting again, but this time, I wasn’t throwing up every 5 minutes, I could actually enjoy the process.

I watched it grow from the chubby little blue baby, to the sleek adolescent all the way through to the fully grown dragon it is now complete with full Water Dragon Armor.

My favourite thing about the water dragon is opening the keep and tapping its chest. It does a cute little wiggle. The great dragon does similar things when you tap its chest, feet, wings or head, but the wiggle that water dragon does reminds me of a playful puppy.

The water dragon was the first dragon I enjoyed so will always have a special place, as my favourite.

What's your favourite and why?