• Gem3210

    I started playing HOTD in March 2014, when I found myself off sick from work with morning sickness. The game was merely a distraction to take my mind off the constant hangover like feelings I was experiencing.

    As I grew my city and my Great Dragon, it was just a process of clicking buttons. Now 8 weeks later, I’m thoroughly engrossed in the game, my tablet constantly in my hand, so I can see if the alliance needs rss, if I’m being attacked or if I need to build or research something, if I have the rss to do so and if not, send out marches to Anthropus Camps.

    When the Water Dragon Egg was released in my realm for 255 Rubies (approx £14.86 or $25) I decided I wanted it. I bought the egg, lovingly hatched it on its own little island, the Water…

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