Hello HotD wiki followers,

I'd like to introduce myself. (this is overdue lol)

My name is Crysis or Mike in real life. I live in Portland, ME and work for Time Warner Cable. I have a pretty simple life, work and relaxing at home. I am definitely a techy, I build computers and manage my corporation in Eve Online, when I'm not gaming or playing HotD otherwise. I came to this wiki last month (December 2013) and noticed lots of information missing and noticed it kind of abandoned. I decided I would help and make it more complete and a wiki HotD players could come to and get all of their information from. So as many of you have probably seen over the last month I have been busy at work making this wiki better. I hope you guys like it and I plan to make more updates and keep it up to date in the future.

Please free to contact me on here with questions, comments, ideas, or anything else.