• Gem3210

    I started playing HOTD in March 2014, when I found myself off sick from work with morning sickness. The game was merely a distraction to take my mind off the constant hangover like feelings I was experiencing.

    As I grew my city and my Great Dragon, it was just a process of clicking buttons. Now 8 weeks later, I’m thoroughly engrossed in the game, my tablet constantly in my hand, so I can see if the alliance needs rss, if I’m being attacked or if I need to build or research something, if I have the rss to do so and if not, send out marches to Anthropus Camps.

    When the Water Dragon Egg was released in my realm for 255 Rubies (approx £14.86 or $25) I decided I wanted it. I bought the egg, lovingly hatched it on its own little island, the Water…

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  • Mystraven1

    The best dragon

    May 2, 2014 by Mystraven1

    I think the best dragon is the night shade dragon what do you think

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  • Krush S D

    In the beginning

    January 23, 2014 by Krush S D

    In the beginning there was a man called Di Mach, who whilst wandering the realm with no place to call home and no friends, came upon a shiny round shape buried in the sand. Dropping to his knees from exhaustion, he collapsed on top of the shape falling into a deep deathly sleep.

    For 6 days he slept, though nightmares, horrors and quiet periods, before the world outside began to seem loud to him. Something was pulling at his leg and he began to think he was dead and he was being devoured. But he wasn't and opening his eyes he was looking face to face with a snake. No it wasn't a snake, it was a lizard. It couldn't be a lizard, it had wings. IT'S A DRAGON.

    The dragon had forged a bond with Di Mach as the first person he saw since the hatching,…

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  • Crysis1007


    January 22, 2014 by Crysis1007

    Hello HotD wiki followers,

    I'd like to introduce myself. (this is overdue lol)

    My name is Crysis or Mike in real life. I live in Portland, ME and work for Time Warner Cable. I have a pretty simple life, work and relaxing at home. I am definitely a techy, I build computers and manage my corporation in Eve Online, when I'm not gaming or playing HotD otherwise. I came to this wiki last month (December 2013) and noticed lots of information missing and noticed it kind of abandoned. I decided I would help and make it more complete and a wiki HotD players could come to and get all of their information from. So as many of you have probably seen over the last month I have been busy at work making this wiki better. I hope you guys like it and I plan t…

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